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Insurance must change, Sunday introduces “Digital Twin”

ใหม่! แนะนำ Digital Twin

Bangkok, Thailand – 24 July 2023 – The leading insurance application, Jolly super app operating under Sunday Ins Co., Ltd (“Sunday“), the leading full-stack insurtech company in Southeast Asia, has unveiled an innovative feature called “Digital Twin.” It marks the first of its kind in Thailand, empowering users to gain a deeper understanding of their health. Jolly super app by Sunday is utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, it leverages the user’s digital twin as a means of communication. This fosters an improved insurance and healthcare experience for users, enabling them to calculate future expenses, analyze potential disease risks, and make precise health plans to handle individual risks more effectively.

Moreover, users can now undertake health tests for three chronic diseases and three common diseases, providing them with insights into risks and preventive measures for these conditions. This groundbreaking feature serves as a significant stride in both insurance and preventive healthcare. It embodies Sunday’s vision of revolutionizing the insurance industry beyond mere compensation provision, offering services and technologies that genuinely mitigate individual risks, promoting a sustainable way of life.

Growth in healthcare expenditures.

As per the research report by Arizton, the health industry analytics market is witnessing substantial growth, with an impressive annual average rate of 22.23% projected from 2022 to 2028. This growth is attributed to the significant rise in global health expenditures, leading to challenges in accessing timely treatments for many individuals. As a result, people are turning to technology-driven solutions, such as telemedicine, to bridge the gap in accessing medical care. The report highlights the undeniable importance of financial planning in the context of healthcare, particularly regarding access to treatment that can be easily accessible anytime, anywhere. This emerging trend is closely monitored by consumers themselves, who are actively seeking products or services that can simplify and enhance their access to healthcare facilities and services.

The insurance super app, Jolly by Sunday.

Jolly super app by Sunday, is designed to provide seamless insurance services to Sunday’s customers, offering a host of features tailored to enhance their insurance experience. Within this comprehensive app, users can effortlessly access a range of services, from checking their coverage to filing claims, all at their fingertips. Additionally, Jolly also offers a digital health card and a variety of other functionalities, allowing users to access healthcare services anytime, anywhere. Through the app, customers can benefit from cutting-edge healthcare services, including telemedicine, walk-in pharmacy services, and Doctor AI, an interactive chatbot. Furthermore, the Digital Twin feature elevates the overall healthcare experience, ensuring top-notch service delivery to users. With Jolly, Sunday’s customers can enjoy a hassle-free and convenient journey through their insurance and healthcare needs.

Digital Twin first release.

The initial release of Digital Twin was specifically crafted to provide users with a comprehensive preventive healthcare experience. Through the harmonious integration of cutting-edge technology and individual data, it empowers users with profound insights into their health, including awareness of potential disease risks. Moreover, the feature encompasses a unique capability to calculate basic medical expenses for each individual and specific diseases, projecting treatment costs up to three years in advance. Additionally, the disease prevention handbook is offered, enabling users to proactively plan their lives with greater precision. The first version of Digital Twin stands out for its exceptional functionalities in the realm of Preventive Healthcare, delivering unparalleled benefits to users.

  1. Health Assessments: Within this feature, you can conduct a comprehensive evaluation encompassing 6 distinct diseases, thoughtfully categorized into 2 groups:
    1. Chronic Diseases: This group includes an assessment for metabolic syndrome, diabetes type 2, and cardiovascular & cerebrovascular disease.
    2. Common Diseases: You can assess your risk for dengue fever, common cold, and office syndrome.

Upon completing the assessment, you gain valuable insights into your potential risk levels and the associated expenses in the event of contracting any of these diseases. Moreover, a tailored guide for disease prevention equips you to proactively safeguard your health, steering clear of such ailments.

  1. Near Me: It provides you with swift access to your surroundings, including real-time updates on PM 2.5 levels, flood forecasts, and information on waterborne diseases.
  2. Disease Prevention Handbook: It offers comprehensive insights into the six primary diseases, encompassing detailed information about their treatments and prevention methods for better understanding and preparedness.
  3. The Weekly Health Report: To allow you to seamlessly link the Health app on your phone to the Digital Twin feature, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of your health data.
  4. Digital Twin: An avatar visualization that keeps you informed about your health.

We believe that everyone wants to be healthy and financially secure. But unexpected illnesses and expenses can derail those plans. That’s why we created Digital Twin, a feature that goes beyond predicting disease risk. It also helps you calculate future costs, so you can prepare for both the present and the future. Digital Twin uses AI and ML to analyze your health data and medical history. It then draws on a vast database of healthcare information, endorsed by experts from around the world. This allows us to provide you with highly accurate and reliable insights into your health risks and future costs. With Digital Twin, you can take control of your health and finances. You can make informed decisions about your care, and you can plan for the future with confidence.

Mr. Suradej Panich, Chief Data Scientist of Sunday

Elevate your insurance experience today with the Jolly super app by Sunday, available on both iOS and Android systems. Stay tuned for the upcoming version of Digital Twin, where we’ll continue to push the boundaries of technology and enhance your insurance journey even further.


About Sunday

Sunday is a fully-integrated sales and services insurTech that uses artificial intelligence and digital platforms to offer personalized insurance products and services that suit all types of individual and business risks. Here to reinvent the entire insurance value chain, the company offers its end-to-end solutions via its partners and proprietary distribution channels.

Learn more about Sunday:  www.easysunday.com

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