Sunday’s Sponsored Reality Show “GrabStar” EP.5 Attracted 1.4 Million Views

23 June 2018 – GrabStar EP.5, a reality show aired on Grab’s Youtube channel has over 1.4 million views. The episode has Sunday as the main sponsor. Its promotional post on Facebook has more than 300K views with 1,890 post engagements.

The promotional campaign to give away 1 baht worth of goal promoted on Sunday’s Facebook page also attracted 27K Facebook views, 9K engagements, and 400 participants.

Sunday takes part in sponsoring the entire TV show initiated by its partner, GrabTaxi Thailand. The tech-fueled insurance company provides health and car insurance to all participants throughout the show. The prize worths 500,000 THB including V.1 motor policies, personal accident and health insurance policies for participants and spouses, together with medical health check-up vouchers, gas vouchers, GPS navigator with a built-in camera and more. The whole package concept is to represent Sunday as a brand that makes people life easy and fuss free.

The entire show has 7 episodes and so far has attracted a total view of 10 millions on Grab’s Youtube channel, with 136,898 total views on Kantana’s Youtube channel.

Sunday insures Grab’s driver-partners

Currently, Thailand’s Grab drivers and passengers are not covered by any insurance. Sunday is the first and only insurer who provides coverage policies for Grab vehicles, its drivers, passengers, and a third party in case of accidents. Grab’s Top Driver will also get health insurance coverage at no cost.

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