What is it like being an intern at Sunday?

Let’s hear from our first Marketing Intern – Mukmik, a fourth-year student from Kasetsart University majoring in Business Administration.

What is your first impression of Sunday?

“One of my friends previously interned with Sunday in the Software Engineer role and always shared stories via Instagram about going out for meals, playing board games, and participating in entertaining activities with the team. It seemed different from the typical work environment based on my own thoughts, and it appeared to have a great culture within the company.”

How did you apply?

“At that time, there were no open positions on the corporate side, so I submitted my CV through my friend and the careers email.”

Interview Experience.

“During the interview, I had the opportunity to discuss with P’Na (Chief Marketing Officer – Dhanadham), who asked about my interests and what I wanted to do during my internship. He was open and shared valuable information about what Sunday can provide through the internship program. Overall, it was a positive interview experience.”

Life at Sunday vs. University.

“It’s different in terms of the environment compared to learning in the university and experiencing authentic work at a startup like Sunday. While studying, I mostly focused on myself, whereas in the workplace, I had to interact with people from various departments.”

Roles and Responsibilities.

“In the marketing team, there were open opportunities for interns to share their opinions directly with the management team. Working with them felt smooth and comfortable, and I greatly enjoyed collaborating with the support functions such as the Marketing Team, Product Owner, and Tech team.

I had the chance to work on a few areas:

  1. Writing articles, reviewing content, and coordinating with Graphic Designers.
  2. Analyzing raw data and designing dashboards with guidance from senior team members.
  3. Gathering data for approval processes, creating monthly promotion ideas, and crafting promotion content.

Is there anything you would like to tell someone who is interested in the internship program at Sunday?

“Our fellow interns in the same batch unanimously say Sunday has a great atmosphere to experience real work in a startup company with super friendly colleagues. We share the same goal in mind. Even though I am only an intern, we are encouraged to express our opinions and actively contribute to decision-making.

Moreover, the company provides numerous benefits that help team members bond beyond work, such as events, sports club activities, and Happy Friday. I’m sure you will have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience at Sunday.
It was a great opportunity to get a taste of life ahead through the Sunday internship.