The key to success of Sunday’s female leader.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with an exclusive interview with Cindy Kua,  CEO & Co-Founder of Sunday. She is the key female leader who drives insurance companies intending to transform the insurance industry by using technology to design insurance plans and premiums suitable for individuals’ needs at a reasonable price. We believe in “The ability to protect the people we love. It shouldn’t be an unaffordable luxury.”

Women have been essential in driving society and organizations in this era. According to the World Economic Forum, research in the Global Gender Gap Report 2022 reveals that women in senior and leadership positions have grown by 42.7% steadily over the past five years, from 2017 to 2022. In addition, regarding the role of women in politics, a survey by UN Women discovered that 138 countries indicated that 34% were women elected to administer the local government. Sunday Ins Co., Ltd. (“Sunday“) currently employs more than 50% of female employees, with approximately 40% male employees. Sunday values diversity in human resources and insurance products because we all have different needs.

Sunday’s insurance that was designed through the understanding of Sunday people.

“We have designed Sunday’s insurance to be customizable so that the customer can customize it based on their individual needs at a reasonable price. For example car insurance, we have used AI technology to calculate premiums by gender, age, and environmental factors, including driving behavior. We take the risk of each person to calculate its premium. Furthermore, employees can customize their coverage for Sunday’s Group Health Insurance because we understand that everyone has different needs. Suppose that Ms.Bee may feel she is not often sick, but once she gets sick, she wants to be sure she will be treated in a top-ranked hospital. Therefore, Ms.Bee may increase OPD coverage, reduce IPD coverage, etc. Sunday has developed a Jolly super app that combines lifestyle, medical, and insurance services. To allow users to access healthcare services at the right time, such as telemedicine.”

Discover three key learning to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Since I have established the company for almost five years. There are three significant key learning that I personally applied to run Sunday.

1. Self-confidence. It doesn’t matter what gender you are. If you have clear goals and business plans with full confidence, these will surely be your step toward success.

2. Learn to deal with rejection. We should be grateful whenever we get rejected or make mistakes because these will be priceless experiences in doing business. Don’t be afraid of rejection and mistakes. Celebrate your successes and embrace and learn from your mistakes.

3. Self-awareness. First, we need to understand that we are not perfect. That means we know exactly which part we’re missing. On that account, we need to form a leadership team that can help fill the missing gaps. So that we can operate the business as targeted. If we are committed and open-minded to learning new things, we shall succeed.

Dealing with pressure wisely.

It’s undeniable that management positions face daily pressures and challenges. The thing to keep in mind is that with every problem, there is always something new to learn.

As mentioned above, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Whenever you encounter a problem, Firstly, try to be calm. Secondly, always remember that this can be one of your learning. Thirdly, study the problem thoroughly, then lay out all the possible outcomes to solve problems and guidelines for preventing those problems in the future.

Cindy Kua’s style of caring for physical and mental health.

The conventional idea that female leaders should be tough and intimidating, I do not agree with that. Some women leaders may lead teams this way driven by their own personalities, but every women should have their own leadership styles.

Putting yourself around positive people. People who are ready to listen and well-understand diversity and differences. Sunday is one of my safe zones because all employees have the same beliefs. We believe in creating good things for society and want to push the insurance industry forward. We also believe in individual differences. Whenever I face a problem or challenge, Sunday’s people give me the strength to overcome it. 

In addition to taking care of our mental health, we must ensure that our physical health is good. I personally like running. It makes me feel calmer and helps me focus.

Don’t let your gender or sexuality limit your abilities. As long as you have a clear goal, full confidence, and an open-minded attitude to learn new things. You can be successful for sure. We want to send you full support for everyone fighting for your goals. 

About Sunday

Sunday is a fully-integrated sales and services InsurTech that uses artificial intelligence and digital platforms to offer personalized insurance products and services that suit all types of individual and business risks. Here to reinvent the entire insurance value chain, the company offers its end-to-end solutions via its partners and proprietary distribution channels.