Swopmart, backed by Synnex and SCB 10X, partners with Sunday to provide Thailand’s first comprehensive care service for second-hand gadgets.

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Sunday x Swopmart

May 2022, Thailand – SWOPMART, the most trusted IT Recommerce marketplace platform in Thailand, with a mission to expand economic value and reduce e-waste by facilitating people trading unused IT products, announced a collaboration with Sunday Ins Co., Ltd. (“Sunday”), the first full-stack insurtech in Southeast Asia to offer its users more confidence with the first second-hand gadget care service in Thailand through their platform.

According to the Pollution Control Department of Thailand, in 2019, there were 421,000 tons of e-waste and the number keeps growing due to a surge in demand for digital devices.  This is showing the growing demand for consumer electronic goods among Thais. Therefore, the collaboration between Sunday and SWOPMART will help extend the lifespan of electronic goods by offering the very first and most comprehensive care service for second-hand gadgets in Thailand and reduce e-waste in the long run. The product and service will cover broken screens, frozen devices, inability to turn on the device, malfunction due to humidity or any issue of the usage from your phone. 

Synnex, SCB 10X, SWOPMART and Sunday aim for the service to provide an end-to-end process to ease the customer experience – sellers can easily post their products online and customers can top up their purchase with Sunday care service on the SWOPMART platform. Through the Sunday platform, customers can also enjoy the simplest tech-enabled after-services that only require a few clicks to complete. For example, customers can check their service or repair status, request for service, track their delivery, and see all their service history.

The collaboration between SWOPMART and Sunday care services  will change the perspective on second-hand IT products’ quality for the new user. This will encourage and  improve the confidence of the customer buying second-hand IT products.

Suttipon Pommarin, CEO of SWOPMART

We have to accept that smartphones and gadgets are essentials in life and we want to support our customers to live life connected and uninterrupted from the world. Smartphones are no longer just a communication device but also a means to makes a living for many people. With quality products from SWOPMART and care services and technology from Sunday, we believe this collaboration will create a meaningful impact on the lives of modern day customers.

Dhanadham Pokthitiyuk, CMO and Director of Sunday

SWOPMART and Sunday share the same priority in promoting  sustainability as a core corporate value. They believe that in order for communities to thrive in a healthy environment, everyone must take responsibility and do their part in reducing electronic waste.

About Sunday

Sunday is a fully-integrated sales and services InsurTech that uses artificial intelligence and digital platforms to offer personalized insurance products and services that suit all individual and business risks. To reinvent the entire insurance value chain, the company provides its end-to-end solutions via its partners and proprietary distribution channels.

Learn more about Sunday: www.easysunday.com

For more information, please contact: worada.jo@easysunday.com


SWOPMART, an online IT recommerce marketplace created for buying and selling second-hand IT products through a secure online system and help enhance trading to be convenient, fast and meet the needs of buyers and sellers, as well as provide quality inspection services to help ensure more confidence. SWOPMART aims to enhance the secondhand IT market by creating the strong trustable process for both buyer and seller and extend the IT useful life for economic sustainability.