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Sunday, an Insurtech company, encountered the strength of this trend and started to mobilise its entire organization to Hybrid working model by changing the schedule of work from office to rotation model so employees can freely choose where to work permanently. 

Years passed, businesses around the world have faced a crisis and difficulties from COVID-19 which brings the trend of work from anywhere and work from home to become a new normal to our society. All businesses need to adapt as fast as they can to continuously operate their business.

As an Insurtech company, Sunday encountered the strength of this trend and has changed its workplace to co-working model so employees can freely plug-in to workstations, choose and swap their seating locations  anytime and for easier social-distance. Sunday also provided a Vending machine to reduce the risk of being crowded for supply purchasing. This not only helps create flexibility in running a business under COVID-19 situation but also creates an environment which fits the lifestyle of a young generation on work life balance.

Permanent Hybrid Working.  Why Choose Between Working from Home and Working from Office?

Under an uncertain situation, Sunday starts a special working policy by “branching the team and alternately working from office” from the mid year of 2020 by offering half of the employees working from office whilst another half working from home and alternate the policy weekly except certain team such as Finance Department and Customer Services which company need their appearance for 24 hours services provided which regarded as a minority of employees which require working from office essentially. 

After launching a policy for a while, we found that office intensity is reduced,  employees are more social-distancing. This policy not only reduces a risk of COVID-19 infection through the transportation yet increases the working flexibility and creates work-life balance for employees. 

Considering the result, Sunday will permanently alternate working from home and working from office regardless of the situation in the future. 

Emphasize communication culture and technology

Pictures from HQ office in Bangkok

Meeting, conversation, advice and updating working status are assuredly significant for business especially when the team is working from different locations. To enable this trend, we need tools, applications and platforms which can easily access and ensure high security for use for work. 

At Sunday, our “Core Value is #1 Freedom and Responsibility” which means we give freedom to all of our employees to freely manage their work and lifestyle and still remain in responsibility of the team. We also encourage our employees to

  • Working status tracking with Hybrid Working: Sunday determines Check-in and Check-out when the team starts and finishes working to update the status of individual works by using project management tools which can allocate responsibility and examine the work and also specify the importance of the work conveniently. 
  • Communication, meeting and information sharing: At Sunday we chose a solution from Google Workspace for most of our communication channels which is Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Meet for meeting and Google Drive for files sharing which facilitates the collaboration of the team. Apart from above, we also use Slack as a main tool for day to day communication. Using JIRA Board for task management, Tableau and Grafana for dashboard presentation and analysis. We can use the tools while employees are not necessarily working at the same place.  
  • Employee mental guarding: Besides working, Sunday is incessantly devoted to employees mental health by administering the benefit for mental counseling with a counseling platform to provide a counseling call from a therapist when employees are under stress or anxiety.

From fixed seating to co-working

Although the policy relieves the intensity of employees in an office, Sunday remains to value the working environment enhancement. Office furnitures and  facilities have been customised for a modern working environment.

Starting from adjusting 90% of seating to be a co-working area which means adjusting to non-determined seats which employees can choose to sit where they pleased and they can change the position daily as they are working in a cafe. Some might like to have a monitor for working, some might like a silence corner for idea generation, our employees can choose seating wherever it suits and can still have social-distances for risk reduction. For personal accessories, Sunday provided a locker for each employee to ensure their personal belongings are safe.

We believe that this Hybrid working model will completely replace face to face that is why we are transforming our office to be more flexible so employees can do more discussion, brainstorming and hangout offline. 

For Pantry, Sunday escalating facilities to facilitate employees office working environments such as providing a coffee and tea area which has both ready to drink, set up a free snack and light meal area, adding a vending machine for alternative drinks so employees are more comfortable. 

Modernize the office but continue to emphasize the value of work.

Pictures from HQ office in Bangkok

Regardless of a huge change in working style and environment, Sunday remains to emphasize the result and value of work rather than the working hour or working places. Our “Core Value is #1 Freedom and Responsibility” which means we give freedom to all of our employees to freely manage their work and lifestyle and still remain in responsibility of the team. 

Lastly, both employees and Sunday needs to vision the same goal which is no matter how bad the external situation is or will be, we will emphasize to invent our insurance smartly which effortlessly easy clients usage.

Want to join the new era of working with Sunday? 

If flexible working, freedom, and a high-trust working environment sounds like a good fit, we invite you to take a journey to disrupt the insurance industry together with Sunday Ins. Hybrid working policy is permanent, check out our opening positions and reach out today! 

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