terms and conditions
terms and conditions
Conditions for 30-minute arrival time guarantee.
  • The guarantee is only for the case that the customer notify us immediately after the accident.
  • Only applicable for Bangkok areas.
  • Required documents are survey reports, timestamp for surveyor dispatch, and notification log from the Helpline.
  • We reserve the rights to edit, add or modify the terms and conditions. Any changes will be notified on the website and become effective after the notification, please check our website for further changes.
  • Terms and conditions, along with their interpretation, will adhere to the law of Thailand which is effective at the date and time of the accident report.
  • The guarantee does not include the delayed arrival from the following causes.
    • Accidents that occur in private properties (e.g. bridge, expressway, or motorcycle-forbidden roads).
    • The case which both parties agree to negotiate after the accident.
    • The case which the police officer makes an arrangement for the parties to meet at the police station.
    • Unavoidable natural causes such as flood, storm, earthquake, hail, etc.
    • The case which our staff got into an accident while dispatched
    • The case which the accident occurs in restricted areas.
Terms and conditions for concierge service.
  • Service area is in Bangkok only.
  • Our garage will only repair or replace the parts as approved. The customer will be responsible for additional requests outside the agreed parts or repairs.
  • Date of completion and delivery depend on the level of damage and availability of parts. We will immediately inform the customers in the case that additional repairs are required to revise completion and delivery dates.
  • We do not provide substitute vehicle during the repair or compensation for loss of use.
  • We do not take any responsibilities in the loss of assets or belongings inside the vehicle.
  • Please pay deductibles or excess fee before the repair is completed.
  • We reserve the rights to modify terms and conditions or cancel the service without prior notice.
  • The duration of repair starts from the day Service Hero collects the car until the day that the customer is notified about the completion of the repair job.
  • 7-day repair turnaround time guarantee is applicable only for damages that are less than 10,000 THB.