Kid Insurance, How to buy?

Today, We will show you How to buy kid insurance. Anyone looking for insurance for kids ages 15 days or above, and coverage for both kid and parent starting price only at 29,xxx baht.

You can see details and kid insurance policy plans on Kid Insurance Page, and If you decide to buy, let’s see how!

1. Get your documents ready

  • Parent’s ID card or Passport
  • Kid’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of house registration (Optional)

2. Visit ’Kid Insurance‘ page

3. Fill Parent’s birth date

4. Choose insurance plan

5. Fill the information and pay the fee
*Don’t forget to save your receipts in email

6. Buy again by Kid’s birth date

*Fill the same policy effective date

Now, You can get kid insurance for you and your kid! If you have any questions please contact us tel. 0 2026 3355